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Speaker Topics for Students  
and Audiences


- How Science, Ethics and Medicine Confirm the Presence of God

- How a Brain-First Revolution in   Healthcare Waits to Solve the Left-Right Divide

- (CAM) Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic and Politics



About David Walls-Kaufman



David Walls-Kaufman has been in private chiropractic practice on Capitol Hill for many years. He has written several novels about politics and Washington DC. He is known around the world as an accomplished practitioner of Tai Chi, and his award-winning short fiction can be found at Liberty Island Magazine and davidwallskaufman.art. 

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David is the author of published books and short stories.

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Dr. Walls-Kaufman has thought and written about population stress and politics for decades. His view is that a brain-first revolution in neuroscience will bring answers in both costs and cures to finally settle the Left-Right divide.